Vision and Mission


As the region’s most trusted, preferred and valued project management consultants. We will set the standard of excellence for provision of project management solutions to government and private sector clients.

We will rely upon the proven expertise of our dedicated team to offer superior quality and responsive service to the very highest level of excellence.



As a strategic partner, we will help our clients excel at achieving optimal outcomes.

We will leverage our trusted expertise to deliver superior value in all our project management service solutions which meet our client’s most demanding needs.


Our Values

  • Integrity
    We insist that integrity and ethics define our decisions and our actions
  • Fairness
    We treat one another with dignity and fairness
  • Trust
    We deliver trust and personal responsibility in all business relationships
  • Quality
    We are committed to delivering quality solutions to our customers
Our core values are the foundation of excellence in all our efforts.

We respect confidentiality in all of our engagements, and seek long-term relationships with our clients and partners.

We believe that ultimate success in projects is not limited to just meeting the goals of traditional stakeholders, but in our ability to transform communities and uplift their quality of life.

Quality Policy


In the importance recognition of the Quality Management Systems in both local and International Business, PIONEER International Projects Management Establishment is unique in being the market pioneers in the quality assured projects management industry.

Our objective is to concentrate on the complete dissemination of quality principles and techniques at all levels of the establishment, so as to provide a quality service to the satisfaction of our customers. To achieve this, we have introduced a quality system which conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

The purpose of the implementation and maintenance of this Quality System us to ensure continued satisfaction of our Customers, providing a solid base for our future growth as well as maintaining our competitive position in this embryonic quality industry and business.

Our Quality System has an eternal importance in the PIONEER’s aims, of the Management, who are totally committed to achieve the highest possible standards through continuous improvement in our methods and practices. All staff is encouraged to support the Management in fulfilling the Quality Policy.



Raa’ed Arafat AL TARTOURI (General Manager)
Abu Dhabi, December 01, 2009
Issue no. 2, 001/RT/M/T-000/P001/446/08

Corporate Social Responsibility


Reducing our impact on the environment is not only essential as part of commitment to be a responsible business, but it can also increase our resilience to risk, and provide opportunities to save money, such as energy. Pioneer International Projects Management remains diligent in preserving their working environment and reducing their carbon footprint.



At Pioneer we believe in sharing our success. Over the years we have donated to local charities, funded learning and development programs and built schools to assist local communities across the globe.


Ethical labour practices:

We believe our strength is with our employees. All employees are treated fairly and free from discrimination. In addition we offer all of our employees training and development to progress their personal development within the Pioneer Group