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PIONEER IPM Expands to Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mar 10,2016

PIONEER IPM Expands to Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Internationally recognized project management firm PIONEER International Projects Management recently established branches in Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in addition to its Abu Dhabi headquarters and Jordan branch.


Abu Dhabi, UAE — After successfully laying its foundations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Pioneer International Projects Management or PIONEER IPM, a leading project management solutions provider operating in the Gulf Region, recently opened two other branches as a demonstration of its rapid and continued growth within the management consultancy services industry.


The two new branches in Doha, Qatar and Khubar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia strengthen PIONEER IPM's position as internationally renowned project management consultants and key contributors to the growth of management awareness across the globe.


With a fully implemented global network and a strong communications infrastructure as well as full implementation for a high standard of health, safety and environmental procedures, PIONEER IPM offers highly reliable services such as Project Planning, Financial Planning, Claims Analysis, Contract Management, Quality Management, Engineering Services and Health and Safety services.


"As an international organization operating in most countries in the Gulf Region, we are proud of the rapid growth and high quality of work we produce as shown by the feedback from our clients," says a PIONEER IPM spokesperson. "We have the pleasure of introducing our firm as a pioneer in the industry, determined to standardize and foster professionalism in the field of project management."


The representative also explains, "Construction projects are complex and involve large investments. The highly volatile marketplace of recent years has increased pressure for project completion within budget and deadline. Therefore, the predetermined objectives of scope, cost, time and technical performance deserve careful consideration."


PIONEER IPM is recognized as an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company and is the sole agent/representative in Middle East and North Africa for the Project Management Association. In addition, the consultancy is a certified agent for the American MPMM™ Management Methodology system and is also managed by a team of (PMP) Project Management Professional certified staff from the Project Management Institute, USA.


The firm's spokesperson adds, "We offer a comprehensive and professional service for the planning, scheduling and control of small to mega projects in the form of a Project Management System. This system benefits from the experience and wisdom essential for the effective planning, monitoring, evaluation and control of the project.


"Our professional staff has an impressive track record of prestigious contracts in the Gulf area and in the United Arab Emirates in particular. We offer our reputation in quality and service for examination by discerning clients who seek a professional approach. We are committed to closing the gap between promise and performance."


PIONEER IPM has future plans of expanding further with proposed branches in Cairo, Egypt and Khartoum, Sudan. To learn more about the firm's project management expertise, visit the company website today.